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The materials on this Web site are for general advertising and informational purposes only. No material on this website can be used without written consent of the Fortune Spark Inc. Chief Executive Officer. By duplicating our content without permission, you will be committing copyright infringement. Upon discovery, legal actions will be executed.

Please be aware that your request for a quote or your use of any information on this Web site does not create a business-client relationship. All packages require a contractual agreement. The testimonial materials contained on this Web site may be considered advertising and is promoted with the consent of the original authors. All are subject as public information.

For website package content, the initial payment is due at the time of signing. Upon agreeable terms with Fortune Spark Inc., clients will be responsible for upholding the terms of the contracts provided for services rendered. Until the services are deemed satisfactory by clients, Fortune Spark Inc. will always represent its' clients in a good light. Contract finality is due upon agreeable date between clients and Fortune Spark Inc. 

In its entirety services will be issued annually on or before the last day of the month chosen by clients to begin annual subscription until services are interrupted by company or client. Renewal amount of CLIENT PACKAGE (excluding out of contract fees such as upgrade, printing materials, & etc.) would be due annually.

Fortune Spark Inc. shall provide its' services and meet its' obligations under this Contract in a timely manner, using knowledge and recommendation for performing the services which meet generally acceptably standards by its clients.
By accessing this Web site, you agree, that the statutes and laws of the State of Texas, without regard to its conflict of law principles, will apply to all matters relating to your use of this Web site.

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